¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a mi blog Pacheco Nothing´s Shocking! Soy Oliver Lazaro Pacheco, vivo en San Sebastian y me encanta todo lo relacionado con el arte. Tambien realizo encargos de todo tipo, personalizar longboards, retratos, pintar tapas de calculadora, cualquier cosa que se te ocurra, si quieres ponerte en contacto conmigo mándame un mail.

Hello! Welcome to my blog Pacheco Nothing's Shocking! My name is Oliver Lazaro Pacheco, I live in San Sebastian and I love everything related to art. I can produce many different kinds of art: customized longboards, portraits, paint calculator caps, anything you can think of. If you want to contact me for an order, send me an email at

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  1. I'm impressed Oliver. I especially like the canvas section. You certainly are talented.


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